Seniors tee off to a great season


Pressley Grzybowski

GlenOak golfer swings while teammate watches.

Teeing off the season the GlenOak Golf team is soaring above previous expectations. 

The majority of the boys golf team has had years of varsity playing experience, now they are more prepared than ever. 

With such a large senior heavy varsity team the boys have one goal in mind. 

Senior Matthew Caldwell is a fourth year golfer who has scored many times for the varsity team.

“The goal is to make it to states, and I think that goal is achievable especially with our experienced rooster,”Caldwell said. 

To make it to the State competition, the team has to make it out of sectionals. 

Senior Andrew Arway is a fourth year golfer and commonly scores among the top three on the team. 

“Our chance to make it out of sectionals is all there, it will take extreme focus and composure, but I know it can be done,” Arway said.

During the summer, northern Ohio golf published a list of top teams to watch, putting some of the best returning teams in a list labeling them in three categories: top teams, contenders, and on the cusp. 

Recently GlenOak beat one of the teams labeled on the cusp for Division One, that team was St Vincent- St Mary. Each win brings GlenOak closer and closer to the ever sought after state championship. 

“Our team’s goal for the entire season is to play our best golf,” Arway said. “We want to play well at Tannenhauf and be competitive during the Federal League Championship and sectionals.” 

GlenOak is currently ranked about third or fourth in the Federal League and are working their way up the ladder every competition. 

Golf is always unpredictable though so anyone can become a tough opponent.

— Matthew Caldwell

“Jackson is our toughest team to play against,” Caldwell said. “Golf is always unpredictable though so anyone can become a tough opponent.”

GlenOak is looking forward to an exceptional season, with a great chance of chipping their way to a championship. 

“I am really sad to leave this team,” Caldwell said. “It feels unreal that my senior season is coming to a close, I’m going to miss going out to eat with the team after a big dub.” 

With almost all of the varsity being seniors it leaves plenty of room for people to grow up in the future.

“Varsity will be very young next year,” Arway said. “They will only have two seniors, the younger guys will have to step up, but our JV team is very competitive now and I believe that will translate well into varsity next year.” 

Even though the team is looking strong this season there are still things the team believes they can improve on.

“Our team currently struggles with damage control. It all goes back to the mental side and not compounding mistakes,” Arway said. “Improving quickly in golf is more the mental side of golf. The better you are at not letting things get into your head, sticking to a routine, and course management usually translates to a lower score.”

The golf team is looking forward to one of its  best seasons yet, and will hopefully swing its way to state.