The story behind Canton’s Crumbl

Gourmet cookies and hour long lines brings a new life to GlenOak alumna


Peyton Teter

Sophomore Maya Brown laughs while trying the new flavor of the week, Cake Batter. Along with Sophomore Peyton Teter, they interviewed the owners and reviewed the store together.

It’s not the line for a PS5 that people in Stark County have been waiting for recently. Crumbl Cookies is the new cookie sensation that has rapidly taken over. 

Cousins Erica Molina, who is an alumna, and Evelyn Satuala have bought into their dream franchise; Crumbl Cookies, and have opened up a store at The Strip in Canton, Ohio.

The original Crumbl Cookies store was located in Logan, Utah. The company was started by two cousins Jason McGown and Sawyer Hemsley. They first worked out of a garage with only two flavors of cookies, Pink Sugar and Milk Chocolate Chip.

Erica and Evelyn were some of the first customers to support the business. Learning how the company came to be, they wanted to be able to create their own store in the future. 

“We lived together right next to the first three Crumbls that opened. We remember when it operated out of a garage, and they only had the chocolate chip and sugar cookie,” Erica said.

From the time they first visited Crumbl, they had envisioned themselves being in a place where they could open their own franchise. With that comes the responsibility of getting it started.

Erica’s mother Silvia Molina has worked as a Spanish teacher in Plain Local for 23 years. She has been supporting her daughter throughout the process.

“When Erica first brought up the idea I was terrified. I thought she was a little crazy but as she researched more we saw it really come together,” Silvia said. “I admire her for what she’s doing and going after this.”

Opening the store was a long process to go through. Planning out how the store would come to be took a few years due to financial responsibilities. Following that they had to create the store and start the plans of opening the doors.

They have been readjusting to the needs of the store specifically. Each store has their own individual problems to work out. 

“We are learning that certain ways things are recommended to run by Crumbl, do not work for this store because of the population we receive,” Erica said. 

One of the biggest challenges has been how to balance in-store and online cookie numbers. Many times cookies are sold out, but they have them in store just reserved instead for online orders. 

Originally the numbers were not set for the popularity of the store and the cookies would sell out instantly. Now rethinking and coming up with new ways, it has become easier to get the most popular cookies.

“The store is in the top ten stores across the country for sales each week,” Erica said.

Not only has the population been a reason for cookies to sell out but there is also an extensive process to making them. Overall they are harder and more time consuming to make.

“Every worker has to go through a training process before being able to start on the job,” Erica said. “We have task cards and iPads all over the store that also give them tips and tricks to making the cookies  because it is hard with a rotating menu.”

Crumbl cookie has been a new addition to town that thousands of people have been drawn too. Erica and Evelyn have spent countless hours preparing and are both proud of their accomplishments.