Meet video productions teacher Matthew Patron



Matthew Patron smiles during class. Patron has recently taken over the Video Productions Career Tech program.

Lights! Camera! Action! It’s time for video production and the new teacher, Mathew Patron.

Last year the video production teacher Josh Branch left. Now, there’s a new teacher, Mathew Patron. Although this is Matthew Patron’s first year teaching at Plain, and in person. He has an extensive history of video production. 

He graduated from Kent with a degree in Education Studies and from Stark State in Interactive Media Technology with a focus on video production. Furthermore, he’s still in school for a degree in Career Tech Education.

 “Mr. Patron is the best thing since sliced bread. His teaching style is truly one of the best I’ve encountered throughout all my years in the education system.” junior Gus Mastrone said.

Before Patron moved to Plain to teach in person, he taught video production to students online for 17 years. He eventually decided to move to Plain to teach in person to make a difference in more students’ lives. 

“…I didn’t feel like I was [making a difference]. I saw it (the position) online and I like video production,” Patron said.

“…I didn’t feel like I was [making a difference]. I saw it (the position) online and I like video production,” Patron said.

— Matthew Patron

Additionally, he said, “I love teaching students in person–especially when they are interested in making awesome videos.  That gets me even more excited about video.  Online students are different because you cannot physically show them things.  

“Video Production certainly loses something when you cannot be in a physical studio!  GlenOak students are awesome and I am so happy that I am getting to know them this year!” Patron said.

“Mr. Patron is helpful and is knowledgeable about the technology that we use in class.” junior Noah Hayden, a video production student said.

Furthermore, Patron has such extensive knowledge of the experience of video production, he has made a movie. The movie is Collecting Sgt. Dan and it is critically acclaimed. In 2014 it won in the International Film Festival and in the Marines Corps Heritage Association. In fact, his brother’s death which is what the movie is based on actually gave a good reason to pursue video production even more.

Matthew and his brother Dan both loved video production. So when Dan died, Mathew decided to use his shared passion and skills to honor his brother in a movie.

“His creativity is beyond level. It’s easy to track along with him,” junior Joseph Marshall said.

Outside of teaching and filmmaking, Patron has been hired to film other events such as weddings and dance recitals. He has also filmed commercially for the school he previously taught with, the Ohio distance and electronic learning academy.

“I’m really excited to get to know my video production students. And to have the opportunity to continue a new chapter in my educational journey,” Patron said.

All in all, Patron and his students are excited for the new year in video production and to get out there and film.