Kick it up a notch

Girls soccer team goes to district finals for the first time in school history.


Fallon Domer, Chloe Garner, Brooklyn Walker, Evelyn Parr, Adrianna White, and Emma Pooley huddle together during a game. “There was definitely some stress going into each game,” Garner said.

Morgan Terakedis, Staff Writer

     While soccer may not be America’s favorite pastime, it is certainly the most popular international sport. Whether it goes by the name of soccer or fútbol, people around the world tune in regularly to watch players chase both the ball and victory. 

This year, the GlenOak Varsity Girls Soccer Team made district finals for the first time in school history.

     “I’m proud of each and every one of them,” head coach Brent Walker said. “It was the first time the school and the program made it to a district final.”

     Making district finals was no easy task. One of their most experienced players, senior Hannah Burchfield, tore her medial collateral ligament (MCL), and was out for multiple games. Nevertheless, the team persevered, getting a 12-5-1 regular season and postseason record. 

     “At first I was concerned, but I had faith in my teammates to pull through and do well,” Burchfield said

     The team was also full of many new players, making it even more of a challenge to develop communication and experience.

     “I think overall, the new players definitely contributed to the team’s success by just their ability to not give up and keep working hard,” Walker said.

     However, for some of the younger players, the new additions to the team served as more of a relief than an uncertainty. 

     “I knew a lot of people from past teams, so it was nice to get to finally play with them for high school,” sophomore Chloe Garner said.

     Familiarity like this brought an unexpected type of harmony to the playing field. Young athletes were given the advantage of already being acquainted with their new teammates, which lended to an environment full of teamwork rather than relying on a few people to carry the rest.

     “It was more of a full team effort moving forward rather than depending on specific players like we have been in the past,” Walker said.

     A growth mindset of persistence and adaptability has been a large source of strength for the team, helping them to achieve feats not previously within reach.

     “I think that in the game of soccer there are always going to be injuries. We’ve always had setbacks and injuries, but you can’t let that determine your outcome or how you should perform,” Walker said. “[Injuries] are good and bad. It is bad that a player got injured, but it provides an opportunity for somebody else to shine and step up.”

     Teamwork and the determination to never give up have earned this team one of the highest honors in school history. The team worked together and brought a victory to the school, allowing them to be honored like no other girls soccer team in school history.