Yearbook´s marketing produces results

Yearbook uses new marketing strategies that prove successful


The 2022 yearbook is pictured on a stack of yearbooks from previous years.

Crumbl Cookie has been a huge sensation and has raked up a lot of sales, but did you know that Crumbl Cookie isn’t the only place raking up sales? GlenOak High School’s Yearbook has also been a huge success. 

Yearbook has doubled in sales and it is only mid-October. Senior, editor-in-chief of the yearbook, Emily Zaksek has seen the effects of dropping the price of the yearbook.

“I think there were several causes, one of them being the price dropped a penny and even though it’s just a penny it still makes a difference,” Zaksek said.

A penny drop might not seem like much, but it does seem as though that it does make a difference. Yearbook advisor, Angela Spano, put a lot of thought behind every detail of the marketing campaign. 

“It’s sort of a marketing technique as well, $59.99 sounds a lot better than $60,” Spano said. 

This price change is not only to make things cheaper, it is also a tactic to intrigue new buyers. Who knew that a cent difference would make such a big difference. The price change is not the only change the yearbook staff has had; they have changed some of their marketing tactics too. 

“It [reminder email] goes almost weekly, shockingly each week we sell a few,” said Spano.   

Not only did they drop the price but they are giving reminders to buy your yearbook before it is too late and it seems to be working. Emails are not the only other marketing they have been using either. 

They also hung flyers and made announcements, letting people know they should get their yearbook now. These sly marketing tactics are not the only motivation for students as they buy their yearbooks. 

“We try to target kids who aren’t the most involved students of the world,” said Spano.

The yearbook has gone a different route this year and instead of only showcasing kids in extracurriculars, they wanted to make sure everyone gets a chance to shine. This year the yearbook is featuring kids throughout the year instead of featuring the kids who are in certain clubs and sports. This ensures that more people who are not as involved get in the yearbook. 

Not only have they taken this new approach, but they think it has improved the yearbook too. 

“100% we are better than before covid. The yearbook hadn’t changed in basically 20 years,” said Spano.

They have not just improved, but they have changed. The yearbook has a new fresh look and style.

While the yearbook is doing well, they still have a goal of passing 635 sales. Zaksek feels pretty confident that hitting this goal will not be a problem. 

 “I think we’re gonna pass that,” Zaksek said.

These changes of price, marketing, and staff are just some of the things that might have led to the great success of the yearbook.