How-to for the holidays

The Holidays inch closer and the rush for gift buying starts. Stores turn into war zones making gift hunting challenging.



Budget Gifts: The holidays can be stressful, affordable gifts are hard to find. Here are five unique gifts for under 30 bucks.

The holiday season, a time of jolly cheer and spending time with those whom we hold dear (including that one really socially awkward cousin). Passing around gifts while sitting around the tree. While watching loved ones unwrapping and opening their long awaited gifts that relatives gave them.

Everyone except you that is.

With the holidays fast approaching, many teens may find themselves looking into empty wallets and asking themselves “What now?”. Here’s five tips for doing the holidays on a budget.

Number 1: Thrifting

As the economy in America is going haywire this means that inflation is on the rise. This gas costscoasting $3.55 a gallon and groceries costcoasting up to $900 a month according to, there is not a ton of wiggle room in most people’s budget.

One way to combat the rising heat of our economy this Christmas is thrifting.

Even though inflation is hitting thrift stores hard as well, shopping at places like the Goodwill or Plato’s Closet can allow a shopper to save hundreds on Christmas gifts.

With a little bit of laundry detergent and elbow grease getting that mysterious stain on those thrifted pants will magically disappear.

Number 2: Regifting

Remember that 50 pack of socks that your Aunt Margret gave you two Christmases ago and how you still have them shoved in the depths of your closet. Now is the perfect time to through and clean it out.

Something in there should work as a stocking stuffer.

Find the nicest wrapping paper you can find, get one of those huge obnoxious bows and stick that thing right on top of the gift.

When Nana goes to open your present on Cchristmas morning she will be too busy gushing over her thoughtful grand-baby to care about the two-year-oldtwo- year old socks from the pit of your closet.

Number 3: “Sorry it’s still in the mail.”

Number three is as simple as it sounds. “Sorry mom, your gift is still in the mail.” perhaps you need a comment after this. If you try this just be advised you will most likely ruin the holiday.

Number 4: Get Crafty!

From paper and pen to hook and yarn, there are hundreds of different things everyone can make no matter what their creative background is.

A bundle of yarn ranges from $3 to $6, cheap and affordable. On the off chance that you don’t have a family of knitters to gift the yarn to. A few easy yarn crafts anyone can do. Include wall decorations, simply by tying different colored strands of yarn to a wooden dowel to make different colored patterns. You get a lovely and easy gift that only takes a few minutes.

Or yarn wrapped items such as wrapped jars or vases, picture frames, cups and so much more.

Number 5: YOU!

There is nothing parents and grandparents want more than quality time with their children and grandkids.

Especially in the age of technology when kids are entranced by the closest glowing screen, many parents and grandparents feel lonely, overlooked, and taken for granted. So this holiday season gives them the best gift of all. You.

My favorite thing to do for this present in particular is getting a large box, getting inside and with the help of a sibling or friend have them wrap up the box and then you’re all set for Cchristmas morning.

When great grandma Pam is unwrapping the box it’s your time to shine. Bust out of that box and at the top of your lungs scream, “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

(The writer of this article is not responsible for any or all potential heart attacks that may be caused by this action.)