Ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day while single

People begin to celebrate friendships instead of relationships



A display of paper hearts for Sources of Strength’s project about trusted adults.

     This week’s weather forecast looks like overpriced chocolate with a high chance of nauseating displays of PDA. Single people beware, because Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. 

     Growing up, Valentine’s Day was filled with candy grams and decorating boxes, but now people brace themselves for singing cards and Hallmark movies galore. 

     Every February marks another year without a special someone to spend the holiday with. However, there are no requirements to celebrate. Rather than sulking around, more and more people each year are choosing to celebrate their love for their friends rather than a significant other. 

     “I was lonely,” sophomore Sofia Anderson said. “And I was like, you know what? All my other friends are lonely as well, so I might as well just give them a little gift.”

     Anderson has been showing appreciation for her friends on Valentine’s day since the fourth grade. Everything from small notes and gifts to taking them out to dinner. For Anderson, Feb. 14 is not exclusive to couples.

     “I think that people can enjoy Valentine’s Day without having to feel romantically attracted to someone,” Anderson said. “It’s just a fun little day for me really.” 

     Anderson is not alone with this idea. Some are referring to the day as “Gal-entine’s Day” or “Pal-entine’s Day”. In fact Target now even has a card section dedicated to “Gal-entines Day.” Love is in the air, but it is not just for the average high school sweethearts. 

   “A friend and I are gonna make dinner together for Valentine’s Day,” senior Maravi Trace said. “We said we wanted to hang out because the day can be lonely for people who don’t have a specific date.” 

     However, there are plenty of other ways to participate with friends. Some ideas include baking together, roller skating, getting your nails done, or having a group photoshoot. 

     Students at the school are showing their appreciation with a pen and paper. Sources of Strength asked students to write down the name of a trusted adult onto a paper heart that was collected and put up on display by the student help desk. It was an anonymous way to give a shoutout to select faculty members. 

     Though Cupid’s arrow might have passed you by, it is never a bad time to show the people in your life that you appreciate them. It could be as small as a heartfelt note, or as big as an oversized teddy bear.