Mason Andrews (Pharaoh)

Why did you want to join the musical? “I’m in choir so I thought it would be cool to try out the musical ‘scene’ and it’s been cool.”

What is the musical scene? “The musical scene is a fun experience, something that you can get involved in pretty easily, you just have to try out and I’m sure you would make it.” 

What role do you play? “I’m Elvis when it comes to the role [as Pharaoh]. I do a lot of Elvis moves, and I’m supposed to have an Elvis tone while singing. I have a fake mic on and I’ve transformed into Elvis for this role.” 

What would you tell anyone about joining a musical in the future? “I’d say if you’re nervous just go for it, and it’s a fun time because you get to meet new people. I met 10-15 people I’ve never talked to.”

What has been your favorite memory in the musical? “Learning the Elvis moves, I became a better dancer.” 

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