Zach May (Joseph’s Brothers/Chorus)

Why Did You Want To Join The Musical? “I’ve been doing musicals since I was six and my brother does them, so I’ve been wanting to do them since I was little. Plus I love choir.” 

Why is the musical important to you? “It allows me to step back from the normal school environment, which is school and work, and be someone else.”

What role do you play? “Given that I’m one of Joseph’s brothers, we try to kill him, throw him in a pit and sell him to slavery. Later in the show we come back and there’s a famine, we come back to Joe who’s a high-ranking official and beg him for food.” 

What would you tell anyone about joining a musical in the future? “You definitely should. It might not be your favorite thing to do in the world but if you get the chance to it’s a good experience to have. Plus it will help with your communication skills and stage fright because at some point you’re gonna have to talk.” 

What has been your favorite memory in the musical? “Learning the dances, they’re fun and they’re not super hard but they’re not super easy, it’s a fun mix of singing, dancing and acting.

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