Murder Mystery 2 is must watch


Zoe Elmore, Staff Writer

Everyone loves a good murder mystery, right? I know I do, so when I heard that Netflix was working on the next Murder Mystery after the first came out, I was pumped, to say the least. 

Both Murder Mysteries are written by James Vanderbilt and directed by Kyle Newacheck. They both star Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston and take us through the journey of a couple. It starts off seeming like a cheesy Rom-Com, but within the first 45 minutes, it turns into your classic murder mystery film.

 The first film centered around the killing of Malcolm Quince, played by Terence Stamp, a very rich man who has invited his closest friends and family onto a boat. Nick, played by Adam Sandler, and Audrey, played by Jennifer Aniston, are taking a vacation in Europe. 

Audrey meets Charles Cavendish, played by Luke Evens. He invites her to his uncle’s boat and then the events of Malcolm Quince’s murder take place. 

However, the second Murder Mystery follows Vikram “The Maharajah” Govindan, played by Adeel Akhtar, after being kidnapped from his wedding. Nick and Audrey have started their own private detective agency after the events of the first movie. All seems fine until they finally get away from their agency at Vikram’s wedding.

I will not spoil anything for those who have not watched it yet, but it was quite entertaining. It has all the twists and turns you’d expect, with a little bit of comedy mixed in as well. 

They are tasked with bringing the kidnapper $70 million in exchange for Vik. They quickly realize, however, that it will not be as easy as planned. They get framed, and new characters are brought in

Every movie genre has a set of rules, or guidelines that they should follow. Murder Mystery and the sequel follow the guidelines of a typical mystery movie. When you think of a typical Murder Mystery genre, the good guys are typically framed for the crime. 

Overall, the first Murder Mystery was funny, and the plot twists up until the end of the movie were great. The sequel, however, was just the same and did not bring anything new to the table. Even though both movies were quite similar, the sequel brought in the old friendships from the first movie.

Overall, the movie was quite nice to watch, and it was easy to focus on. Besides the different plot twists, it was simple to follow. In the end, Nick, Audrey, and Vikram are all united and he sets the couple off with some money, but what you do not see coming is the very last plot twist that comes.