Review: Biggby Coffee

Popular coffee chain Biggby Coffee has opened up a location in Plain Local


Morgan Terakedis

Photo of menu from inside of Biggby Coffee

     Students and teachers alike can relate to the need to drink coffee in the morning to wake themselves up. However, when you live in Plain Local, it can be hard to find a coffee place that really excites you.

     Biggby Coffee, located on 4015 Hills and Dales Road, is one of many options for coffee lovers in our local area. This franchise prides itself not only on its coffee, but on its other drinks such as smoothies and tea as well.

     Teddy Bear Latte: This drink was advertised as being suitable for those who do not like the taste of coffee. As a non coffee drinker myself, I was very excited to try it out. This was a caramel and white chocolate flavored latte, and I have to say that I was not disappointed. I did not find the coffee flavor overwhelming as I often do.  The top had a whipped cream layer with caramel drizzle which was super tasty. 9/10

     Americano: My father ordered an Americano which is espresso with hot water. He informed me that he was pleasantly surprised by the flavoring, saying that a lot of places do not get it right. He also said that it had the correct amount of strongness and was better than Dunkin’s Americano. 7.5/10

     Tropic BIGGBY® Blast: This drink was advertised as a pineapple soda with strawberry popping boba at the bottom. However, after I had ordered and paid, the employee handed me the drink and I immediately could tell that something was wrong. It was not yellow as it was in the photos I had seen. The employee informed me that they were out of pineapple flavoring and handed me my unflavored soda with no offer of a refund or another drink. This would not have been a problem if they would have told me before paying, but since they did not, I felt extremely ripped off. Because of this unfortunate mishap, I found the soda to be quite sour and of course lacking in the pineapple flavor. The popping boba was enjoyable, but it was nothing special. They did have boba straws which was nice. 3.5/10

     Everything cream cheese bragel (breakfast bagel): If you have ever had an everything cream cheese bagel before then you can probably imagine what this tasted like. It was good but nothing out of the ordinary. They did give me the cream cheese to spread on myself which was nice since I could decide how much I wanted (all of it). 8/10

     Ham and cheese everything bragel (breakfast bagel): Unlike the last one, this bragel was certainly something to brag about. Unlike some cheesy bagels, this one had fully melted the cheese and included both cheddar and cream cheese. The ham was a good level of salty and it was an overall enjoyable experience. 9/10

     All in all, aside from the mishap with the Tropic BIGGBY® Blast, this was a tasty treat and an enjoyable experience.