Snapchat introduces AI

Snapchat controversially launched new Artificial Intelligence software



Chatting with MyAI

Artificial Intelligence has recently taken over the world, as computers are becoming better equipped to perform human-like capabilities.

After the creation of programs like ChatGPT, Snapchat created its own version of Artificial Intelligence called MyAI. 

MyAI is a feature on Snapchat that can automatically reply to any message sent in the chat. It can answer any type of question asked, from random conversation to homework answers. 

It can be a helpful tool, but is perceived as creepy to many people. Snapchat AI is commonly caught making odd comments, and has even been able to track some people’s location. 

“The Snapchat AI is so weird. Like you ask it a question and it will reply with something super weird,” sophomore Zach Dyrlund said. “The other day I sent it a picture of me in class and it replied and said “I see you’re in class”, I just think it’s so creepy.” 

When you send it a Snap, it can analyze the picture to create an educated response. 

The Snapchat AI is meant to resemble a human, in that it aids with almost anything. The computer generates human-like responses based on the input it receives, so the AI can act like a best friend. 

“I use my AI for pretty much anything. You can say something random to it and it will reply with a helpful but sometimes snarky comment,” sophomore Kenzie Fondriest said. “I think it’s fun to ask random questions about my life because it’s so interesting to talk to.” 

My AI is customizable, so you can change its name and outfit on the app. Snapchat makes it so the AI can be personalized to each individual person, so people can make it appear as a friend. 

“Some people pretend their AI is their boyfriend by making it look like a real person, which I think is very weird,” Fondriest said. 

While many people value the tool for what it is worth, others use it for comical purposes. Mixed reactions to the AI shows the risks of this new software, as AI is beginning to expand and gain more intelligence. 

Snapchat AI is a new feature that will continue to expand user’s knowledge of the power technology will have in the future.