Boys’ lacrosse team welcomes freshmen

The boys’ lacrosse team is making new efforts to be a welcoming place for freshmen.


Bromance: Senior #30, Gavyn Leach hugs Senior #16, Beau Parent. “I just love playing, and I want to continue in my career with it,” Leach said.

Bonfires have nothing to do with lacrosse; however, returning members used small get-togethers to make this year’s freshmen feel welcome. 

Over the course of this spring season, the boys’ lacrosse team has made an effort to be welcoming to incoming freshmen and has worked to cement itself as a safe and welcoming place for its athletes. 

Senior Gavyn Leach understands the value of making the freshman feel welcome, which is a major part of his goal to grow the program.

“In the future, I want this program to be big, like football, and a lot of that is just keeping players on the team,” Leach said.

Leach also maintains that the sport itself is beneficial to the players. 

“Lacrosse is just different because it grows your character in ways that so many other sports do not,” Leach said. 

This year, freshman Nick Nastoff joined the team and made varsity after playing the sport since seventh grade. 

“My dad’s friend wanted to start a team, so he asked us if we wanted to play the sport and I said yeah,” Nastoff said. 

Despite his past experience in the sport, joining a new team at the high school was much more intimidating than anticipated, but he has been welcomed and supported by the team throughout the transition. 

“Everybody has been really supportive on both ends,” Nastoff said. “They understand that I’m a freshman and it is my first year playing goalie so they are helping me understand that even though I mess up sometimes, it is okay.”

Nastoff offers some advice to anyone interested in the team. 

“Definitely join,” Nastoff said. “We need players because we have a smaller bench right now, and subs are always a useful thing too. Just work your butt off so that way you can play.”

The lacrosse team aims to continue the growth that they have seen in past seasons and become somewhere where the players can grow just the same.