Despite low ticket sales, students still had fun at prom

By Rachel Danner — Everyone heard about it, saw the signs, heard the announcements, the gossip, voted for court, and saw the ticket sales. Prom is the place where juniors and seniors can gather together, dressed in their fancy dresses and classy tuxedos, and have a great time.Juniors and seniors dance at Prom held May 5.

This year’s prom was held at the Alex D. Krassas event center for juniors and seniors and featured the music and entertainment of DJ Sparky B. The event cost $20 a person or $40 a couple and was put on by the school’s Student Council.

Due to the shift from a senior only prom last year to a junior senior prom this year it was expected that ticket sales would increase dramatically but the student council only sold around 475 tickets.

“It was so nice to see kids outside of school having fun,” Student Council Advisor Cheryl Yingling said. “I just wish more kids would have attended”.

Some students may have felt that the dance was too expensive or that they did not want to go without a date, others may not have attended because they are not the dance type.

“I do not like dances like that,” junior Majale Curtis said. “Also, I am a junior and I wanted to wait until my senior year.”

Students may think that prom is meant more for couples and did not want to attend because they felt uncomfortable being there and not being a couple.

“It is more of a couples thing and I did not want to spend the money if I did not have someone special to spend it with,” senior Andrea Ruffier said.

Ticket sales were low but it was not a deterrent from having fun for the students that did attend.

“We were disappointed in the low turnout,” Student Council President Jessie Motts said. “It was a success nonetheless and everyone that went had fun.”

The dance featured a full dance floor with Sparky B playing music and throwing out sunglasses, glow torches, beads and even money. There was also a hang out area on the other side of the dance floor that provided seating and small snacks and water bottles. Outside was a treasure chest for the seniors’ to place their most memorable items in that would go in a time capsule. Connecting the lobby and hang out area was a life size bridge provided by the North Coast Theatrics.

“The facilities were decorated wonderfully,” principal Ken Faye said. ‘The DJ seemed really good.”

Students spent from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. singing and dancing to hits such as “All I Do Is Win”, “How To Love”, and even Brad Paisley’s “Camouflage” to which most of the students left the dance floor.

“Prom was really fun,” senior Andrea Bozeka said. “I liked it a lot better than homecoming and it is definitely a night I will remember for the rest of my life”.

It was special for the seniors because it was their last dance together and their last out-of-school activity before graduation.

“Prom was a blast for all of the seniors,” senior Emily Stefan said. “We finally realized how old we really are now and how successful we have turned out to be”.

Whether someone bought tickets to wear a nice dress and go out to eat or to sit in the food area and eat mini cakes all night prom offered something for everyone.