Student council officers elected

By Rachel McNew — The 2012-2013 Executive Student Council officers have been elected. These four students are the main officers in charge of the entire student council. Each officer holds a position and has a different job to carry out.

Current junior Sarah Blakeman will be the new Executive Communications officer next school year. She is in charge of informing the other Communication officers in each grade about meetings and upcoming events.

“I hope to see an improvement in organization in student council, more events created for the school, and more student involvement,” Blakeman said.

The new student council Executive Secretary for next year will be Josh Ippolito. At meetings, Ippolito takes attendance of the officers present, and takes notes as the meeting goes on.

“I hope that I can bring some good ideas up for discussion next year,” Ippolito said.

The Student Council Executive Vice President for next school year will be PJ Calac.

For his job, Calac will be helping the Student Council President with anything needed. He will also make sure everything runs smoothly throughout the entire next school year.

“I want to make GlenOak a more prideful place, with better pep rallies, a better spirit week and work on having more fun in the bleachers at sporting events,” Calac said.

The fourth officer is Sam Lioi. He will hold the position of Executive President.

Lioi will be representing the entire student body, with the assistance of his fellow Executive Officers.

“I will be, with the assistance of the rest of the executive officers, in charge of organizing all student involved activities, whether it is dances, blood drives, fundraisers or PR,” Lioi said.

As President, Lioi plans to make next school year run smoothly and efficiently. He also intends to boost the school spirit with whatever it takes.

All four officers are ready for next school year to fulfill their duties.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]