Student council organizes time capsule project

By Alexis Clapper — The class of 2012 will be putting items in a time capsule to later come back and visit years from now in remembrance of their memories through out high school.

“It’s a really great way for the seniors to remember their great years at GlenOak,” senior Natalie Barr said.

Student council and the prom committee focused on making this year special. They wanted this to be something the whole graduating class takes advantage of and participates in.

“We were trying to think of really unique ideas. We first thought about a slide show but it eventually morphed into a time capsule,” Barr said.

Everyone who is graduating in the senior class of 2012 was encouraged to participate.

“I hope that they all participate because it’s a great way to make their ‘senior mark’, I personally love this idea,” Barr said.

Students can bring in any items they feel special or holds meaning to them. There isn’t many items turned in at this time, but they hope that more students will get involved in the opportunity.

“We have 32 items so far. There are a total of 460 items seniors can put in the capsule. This is the first year we are aware of that we have done a time capsule,” Yingling said.

The senior construction class made the time capsule.

“It is made of long PVC piping with caps secured at the end,” Yingling said.

Their goal is to have the time capsule located on campus. They are currently trying to obtain permission from the administrating staff.

The decision to do this again rests on the student council, prom committee, and theme of prom next year.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]