High school changes schedule for the fifth year in a row

By Mackenzie Wilson — For the past four years, there has been a new schedule every year.  Next year, there will once again be a new schedule the administration created.

“There was not anything wrong with this year’s schedule, but we need a schedule so that we can do just as much as we do this year but with a smaller staff. We need to be more cost efficient and at the same time we want the schedule to benefit the students,” said future head principal Tamiko Hatcher.

This school year, students have an hour and a half study hall either sitting in the main commons or one of the classrooms in C hall.

“Study hall for an hour and a half is really not necessary for most students. Students taking a lot of AP or honor classes may need a lot of time work, but they could get more work done in a different type of environment,” Hatcher said.

Next year, the new schedule will provide students with a study hall once again, but the study hall will essentially be two periods. Forty five minutes will be spent in a study hall and the other 45 minutes will be spent with a teacher getting help in a selected course (AP, honors or regular classes), online course classes, ACT prep or OGT prep.

“We want a developed plan for our students that will not just get our students into college, but will have them stay there,” Hatcher said.

During whichever half of the period the teachers are not helping students that will be their planning period. The professional planning committee, which is group of teachers that teach the same subject get together and discuss planning, students, etc., will now occur after school.

The goal of the new schedule is meant to benefit both the students and teachers.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]