Band achieves superior rating

By Maddie Glowacki — At district band competition only a select few bands will make it to state. Those who make it find it is hard to obtain a superior rating.  This year both GlenOak’s bands received superior ratings.

Along with the achievement of getting a superior rating the bands will also be awarded with a plaque.

“They worked hard all year and it was awesome to see all of that work pay off for them. The improvement they made from November to May was the thing I am most proud of,” band director Joe Sterling said.

“I was nervous, because I did not want to fail Sterling and all his hard work and all our hard work,” Rushin said.

Along with a floor performance, where the bands play the pieces they have been practicing sense November, they must also sight read. In sight-reading the bands will have no recognition of what they are playing They are expected to recite the piece after eight minutes of over view on the piece.

“ Sight reading is always an unknown. Sometimes the music is not level appropriate, so it makes it difficult. This year the music was very level appropriate, so it turned out fine,” Sterling said.

During the floor performance there are three judges, each will give your director a paper full of comments and a tape recording of their thoughts during the performances. After at each judge has scored you they will come together and give your finale score.

“It has been nearly 30 years since both concert bands have earned superior ratings at state. The credit goes to our students. They put in the work, and made a little history for Plain Local,” Sterling said.

The superior ratings show how much effort the bands put into their work and how well they can perform even if they are nervous over the big performance.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]