Students show skills at film festival

On May 8, the video production class held its own film fest to show of students’ videos they made over the last month.  Also shown was a five-minute movie the class had been working on over the last two weeks.

“The Fix”, starring Max Hague and Sebastian Gil, and directed by Dan Schmidt and Steve Mathie, is the story of a high school “Don” who can solve everything but love.  The film will be shown in the Canton Film Festival, and possibly the Cleveland Film Festival.

“As the director, I feel that showing ‘The Fix’ was a great experience because people get to see we do everyday in class,” Junior Steve Mathie, who is in the career tech class, said.

Along side the showing of “The Fix”, videos from the GlenOak Film Festival were shown also.

The mini film festival lasted all day, and was displayed to all the students during the day.

By: Jackson Zink–One of the reasons for the showing of these films was in honor of Steven Pustay’s last month at the school.  Pustay is retiring at the end of the school year after teaching for 35 years.

“[The Fix] was a great going away project for me and I’m glad it turned out well,” Pustay said.

Along with teaching, Pustay also developed the GlenOak Film Festival, which just completed its third year of the event.

The showing of the films helped other students understand what goes on in the video production class.

“I thought that the film showing was great.  We got to see a little bit of what goes on in a class that not many people know that much about,” Junior Andy Fletcher, who had saw the film fest during his study hall, said.

The students of the video production class plan to continue the GOHS Film Festival that Mr. Pustay had started and also mini film festival that was shown last week.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]