College during high school

By Morgan Batson — Post Secondary Education Option (PSEO) is a class students are able to take during high school to receive both high school and college credit.

According to principal Ken Faye, if a student’s application is accepted, they can take the class at a college like Walsh University, Mount Union University, and Kent State Stark.

“The course is only approved for classes that are not offered at the high school,” Faye said.

PSEO is free, but there could be a small credit hour fee.

Marissa Kazes took PSEO, and Kent State Stark, her senior year of high school to get a head start on her freshman year of college. She also took it to get used to the college feeling before she had to be in college full time.

“I really enjoyed it because it was so much different from high school.” Kazes said. “It was a really great experience.”

Arianna Likouris applied for PSEO and was accepted into Walsh University.

“I’m excited to get into Walsh because they only accepted 20 kids out of the whole county,” Likouris said.

According to Likouris, she is looking forward to attending a class outside of school, and experiencing something completely different.

According to Likouris, she had to ask about PSEO because the school does not introduce it to the student body.

Teacher Angela Spano likes the fact that the school offers the option for PSEO, although, she does have mixed feelings about it.

“I think it is a good idea for a student to take up the opportunity, but I also think it is vital for a student to have a good high school experience,” Spano said.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]