Main desk to move next school year

By Trezher Cone — There has been a minor change in our school. The school has built a new trophy case in the main commons and replaced the opening to put the main desk in that place.  These changes were made mostly for security reasons.

“I think the change will make the school more secure and also help catch students from leaving early or coming in late,” Safety Security Director Mark Flickey said.

The current main desk is located down the hall from the main doors.  While the desk is still in eyesight of the door, many students are buzzed in and are not checking into the main desk.  Flickey felt that moving the desk closer to the door would eliminate this problem.

With the change the school will be more alert on who comes into the building.

Secretary Mindi Beitler works the main desk.  She feels sees advantages of improved security with the change however she also sees disadvantages.

“I think the area is to small and it’ll be colder by the doors,” Beitler said.

Beitler does not feel it will impact tardiness.

“Students are still going to come in late,” Beitler said.

While staff feels this will help improve security at the building students are not so sure.

“The desk is not going to stop people from coming in late or leaving early, it’s pretty pointless,” sophomore Elijah Fletcher said.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]