Students from other schools make up water polo team

The whistle blows. Six players move up to face their opponents. Their feet dangle in the open water, trying not to touch the bottom of the pool. There is little time to focus on anything else but performance and defending their territory.

Water splashes in huge bursts all around the players while their aggression is occasionally seen in bursts of frustration towards other players.

No one is hurt.

These bursts are just part of the game

Throughout each game, playing water polo requires dedication, courage and constantly being able to adapt to whatever is thrown their way.

“Water polo is such a rough sport,” junior Thea Angeli said. “You have to be fearless.” Angeli is the goal keeper on the girls’ water polo team.

Water polo is a club sport, meaning many students from other Stark County schools can participate on both the boys and girls teams. Participating high schools on the GlenOak team include Hoover, Perry, Jackson and Central Catholic.

“We all learn the game together,” sophomore Nick DePietro said. “We all make one team.” DePietro is a field player for the boys’ polo team.

The boys’ team has a current record of two wins and 10 losses. The girls have a record of one win and 13 losses.

“We are playing really well even though it is only our first year playing,” freshman Nicole Finley said. She is the girls’ sprinter.

Both the boys and girls teams will travel to Mason, Ohio on Friday to Saturday to participate in the regional tournament. Each team must win one game to continue to the state tournament.

“I think the team will perform great,” freshman Noah Johnson said. “I am hoping for some wins.”

Johnson is the boys’ field player.