New nursing program prepares students for college

By Taylor Davis — The nurse begins to work on the first patient: heartbeat. They move to the next patient: nothing. They start the chest compressions, grabbing their emergency ambu bag in the process. They have been trained to evaluate the situation in a calm and knowledgeable way. The patient does not respond but not to worry. The patient is only a dummy and the nurse is a future nurse in training at the high school.

Starting this school year there are many new programs being offered to the student body. One of the programs, the Advancement to Nursing Program, is designed to give students who are wishing to seek a career in nursing and medicine advantages in numerous ways. The program is a career pathway for any student interested in pursuing a nursing degree to become a registered nurse (RN) with an associate or bachelor’s degree as well as related health care fields. Starting junior year, the students will experience hands on patient care at various locations.

“First, starting junior year the students receive dual credit for Medical Terminology, which meets one of the requirements for all college level nursing and medical students in Ohio,” nursing teacher Peggi Johnson said. “In addition, the students will receive the certified training to take the State Tested Nursing Assistant exam for the state of Ohio early on in the advancement to nursing pathway.”

This program is a first year program; therefore, the school administration is very involved and very supportive of student participation.

“The school is committed to this program and have provided it the equipment and textbooks necessary in order to be the best nursing program in the state, as well as to give the best education possible in this field,” Johnson said.

Junior Eugenia Frangias, as well as the rest of the nursing students, get the opportunity to experience and practice hands on health care skills. Once the students become comfortable with their skills, they then can visit numerous clinical settings in the community to utilize them.

“I love this program and especially the opportunity it has given me for my future,” Frangias said. “It’s very hands on and I’m able to get the experience I need for my future as an RN through out the of school activities this program offers.”

Not only does this program benefit the students by furthering their nursing skills but it also helps them to prepare for college.

“Several universities have representatives from their respective College of Nursing administration, as members of our advisory board.  The program is developed to meet both the Ohio Department of Education requirements and the health care industry standards,” Johnson said. “The Advancement to Nursing Program is a well rounded program recognized by a multitude of universities and health care arenas.”
Overall, this program is beneficial in ensuring students’ futures in the nursing field. Taking this course gives students the experience and skills they will need in their future career.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]