Opinion: Giving tree spreads holiday cheer

By Megan Deierling — Tis the season to help someone in need through the giving tree.

Every year, places around Canton such as Westfield Belden Village Mall or Canton YMCA put up their Giving Trees for anyone to participate in and bring holiday cheer for those less fortunate. The Giving Tree grants a lesson to those who do have money to spend and that lesson is that giving is a much better feeling than receiving.

The Giving Tree provides people with the opportunity to bring smiles to the faces of others who are not in the financial state to celebrate the holidays with presents. Many of these people whose names are placed on the Giving Tree are people from children agencies or nursing homes. Although it may seem like such a small favor for someone in need, it means the world to him or her to have someone who cares.

The process for donating to the Giving Tree is quite simple. One must visit a place that has a Giving Tree available. They pick a tag off of the tree and read what that person may need or desire. Then they shop for the items on that list and wrap the Christmas presents for that person. When finished, they take the presents back to the place that they originally received the nametag and place it under the Giving Tree. The presents should have the tag attached to it in order for the giving tree workers who deliver the presents to see which present goes to who.

Many may think that the people whose names do not get picked off the giving tree do not get presents, but that is not so. Anyone whose name is left on the tree is still given presents from the people who set up the Giving Tree so they are not missing out on any of the Christmas surprises.

Everyone deserves to have presents on Christmas, and with the Giving Tree, that is possible.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]