Opinion: He shoots… he shoots… he still shoots… he finally makes it

Jack Zink — 138 points. That is how many points sophomore Jack Taylor of Grinnell College (Division III) scored in a single game against Faith Baptist.

Considering that only two players have scored over 100 points in the history of college basketball, and one more in the N.B.A., this is by far one of the most impressive feats in all of sports.

But when you dive deeper into the numbers, you began to realize that his accomplishment is blown way out of proportion.

First off, Taylor shot the ball 108 times.  ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT SHOTS.  That is a shot every twenty seconds!  Included in those 108 shots were 71 three-point attempts.  Having the hot-hand and jacking the ball up every time you touch it are two different things.

Considering the amount of shots he took, he (only) made 52 of them.  According to my calculations, that is only a 48.1% field goal percentage.  The man did not even hit half of his shots!  I understand if he is on fire and cannot miss, but he did miss… OVER HALF OF HIS SHOTS!  That right there is very unimpressive.

The most important aspect of this whole game was that Taylor did not even have the most impressive performance in the game.  That belongs to sophomore David Larson of Faith Baptist.

In the same game he scored 70 points while making 34 of the 44 shots he took.  That is an astonishing 77% shooting percentage!  Obviously that is not near as many points as Taylor, but he definitely had a more efficient game than Taylor.

Also, to compare, 81 of Taylor’s points came from three-pointers, compared to Larson, who did not hit any three pointers, yet still scored 70 points.

I realize scoring 138 points at any level is quite impressive, but when someone takes as many shots as Taylor did, we should not make too big of a deal out of it.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]