The Mandalorian S2 mid-season review (SPOILERS)


*** As of today, December 1, the fifth episode of Season Two has been released. This episode has not been reviewed in this piece. ***

It is Dec. 20, 2019. Viewers saw the final chapter of Disney’s sequel Star Wars trilogy (The Rise of Skywalker), and some came out underwhelmed. Many looked forward to this film, and due to miscommunication and writing problems, it did not come as planned. 

With this massive disappointment in 2019, Disney looked to fix the wrong-doing with season two of the critically and commercially approved series, The Mandalorian.

“I have watched all of the movies,” senior Dominic Gemma said. “This series is highly recommended. It’s a ton of fun, and a great introduction to Star Wars while also giving amazing fan service along the way.” 

The show started off with a great opening three episodes. Some may say all four episodes were phenomenal, one source being Rotten Tomatoes, giving all four episodes an average score of 91 percent Fresh. 

The lowest score of the four episodes came in what is being called a ‘filler’ episode, that being episode two, or Chapter 10. This episode is down to 79 percent Fresh on the Tomatometer, making it the least satisfactory episode of the series thus far.

However, this is not the episode that is causing problems. Many hardcore Star Wars fans found Chapter 12 to be the problem of the midseason. This is due to it tying in with Disney’s sequel trilogy, as well as the main problem fans had with George Lucas’ prequel trilogy.

This is done by Mando and the crew infiltrating an Imperial lab, where they discover lab technicians creating clones of future Supreme Leader Snoke from the sequel trilogy. This is known due to the image we are shown of the being resembling Snoke, as well as Snoke’s music theme from the sequel trilogy playing during the scene. 

Fueled by curiosity, they look deeper and find a hologram from the main scientist we see in season one, Dr. Pershing. 

In this message, he references The Child’s (Baby Yoda) ‘M’ count in his blood. This is a clear call back to the main problem in the prequel series, the midichlorians. These were life forms in the Star Wars universe that give beings the power of the force.

Many hardcore fans had a problem with this because they wanted the force to be something mystical and magical, but the writers thought otherwise. 

However, these small faults should not deter anyone from a compelling and thrilling show about inter-galactic mischief and war. 

“I think it’s an awesome adaptation to how life was after the clone wars,” junior Carleigh Culver said. “I also love the action scenes and the places the cast explores, it’s just so beautiful.” 

Along with the few problems it started with fans, the midseason of The Mandalorian gave the viewers a lot of new information about everyone’s favorite 50-year-old midget, Baby Yoda.

From these episodes, we now know the true importance of Baby Yoda to the remnants of the Empire. They plan on using his high ‘M’ count in his blood to make clones of Snoke and possibly create Emperor Palpatine’s clone as well. 

Along with the long term news, we also now likely know what Chapter 13’s plot will look like. With Mando getting his ship fixed, he is now on his way to meet former Jedi Ahsoka Tano to help deliver Baby Yoda to the Jedi. 

However, with the end of episode cliffhanger of the Empire’s new toys, being Dark Troopers, as well as them now tracking Mando’s location. We are in for a thrilling second half of the season. 

Other than the little information we have of episode five we have no idea where the rest of the season will take viewers. All promo footage for the whole entirety of season two is from the first four episodes. They are truly sending us in blind.

“The Mandalorian is a very good show with great humor to it,” junior Tyler Hall said. “The second season is my favorite so far.”

For final thoughts, the midseason of The Mandalorian provides enough laughs, fan service, action, and lore to score it a Certified Soaring 93 percent on the GlenO’meter and will hopefully continue on its current path in creating a fantastic show.

Interviews completed by staff writer: Sophia Perticarini.