Baseball’s lockout is over in time for another season

After months of heated negotiations and new propositions being suggested by the minute, it was amazing news for all of America,  Major League Baseball is back.


At midnight on December 2, 2022 a lockout began as the MLB owners unanimously agreed to close the collective bargaining agreement, effectively stopping MLB entirely. This was a tactic of leverage during negotiations with the player’s union. By accomplishing this, no unsigned player could create a contract with a major-league team, but this also prevented any injured players from seeking medical attention from the team’s. 


Baseball has always been important to the U.S. and with it suddenly disappearing, it felt like something was missing. This is not the first time a baseball lockout has happened, although this was the longest in all of sport’s history. This lockout also forced the first spring games to be canceled, making this the first lockout in MLB history to cause a cancellation of games. 


For over a month, the Player’s union never received a new collective bargaining agreement from the MLB. After more arguments started and ended between both parties, spring training had to be canceled. This continued until the first weeks of games had to be canceled as well.


After 99 days passed, a new collective bargaining agreement was settled upon. This new CBA will expire at the end of the 2026 season. A new addition to the CBA was a lottery draft system that prevents tanking to get top draft picks for the next season. This also implemented a very exciting new playoff format. Instead of only ten teams joining the playoffs, it is now a twelve-team format. 


The CBA also added a new rule. Universal designated hitters will always bat for the pitcher, in almost every circumstance. However this season may look, it is always great to see important and necessary change in every aspect in life, especially in America’s favorite pastime.