Making history through history day


Sofia Codispoti, Staff Writer

Hard work, fun and competition are the three things that best describe the experience given by Ohio History Day (OHD). 

This club has been run by Angela Wagner, a history teacher at GlenOak, for four years and has enjoyed every second of watching her students participate in the yearly competition.

To see students engaged in authentic research and exhibit a love of history is exciting,” Wagner said. 

“To see students engaged in authentic research and exhibit a love of history is exciting,” Angela Wagner 

Each year, students pick a topic underneath the theme given by the OHD team and create a project,to then present it to a panel of judges. 

The competition is designed for people who enjoy getting to be creative while learning more about the world.

“I also enjoy the performance part and being able to act out our research,” sophomore and fourth year OHD participant Alexandra Salvino said. 

Students can choose to work in groups or individually based on what they want out of their OHD experience. 

“My favorite part is being able to spend time with friends and doing the whole thing as a group,” Salvino said. 

While Ohio History Day is an engaging and rewarding experience students have to find time to research their topic and piece together all the elements of their project. 

“They not only have to be able to pick a topic, but relate it to the theme, complete historical research, design a project piece and present,” Wagner said.

Participants get to show off their projects for the first time the day of the regional competition and see if their project will make it to the state level. This year’s regional competition will be held virtually on Feb. 26.

“Waiting for the results at regionals is always hard because you get really nervous about what the judges thought of your project that you worked so hard on,” Salvino said.

OHD is an experience that teaches students skills they will use in their other classes while also allowing them to deepen their passion for history.

To join this experience talk to Wagner in C104 and she will supply anyone interested in the club with the necessary information.