Stepping into GlenOak


Maya Burlingame

The Step Team performs in January during a girls basketball game halftime Anastasia McCray, Angel Price, Da’Mya Garner-Williams, MJ Morgan, Malcolm Morgan, Tomier Davenport, Aliyah DuBose, Celeste Price

A rising club is stepping their way back into GlenOak. The Step Team brings together dancing, friendships, and a passion for entertaining and representing this unique club. 

The GlenOak Step Team is a group consisting of high school students from freshman to seniors. On Jan. 19 the team had their first performance at a girls basketball game. 

Junior Mia Floyd is a part of the team and stepped at their first performance.

 “Performing at the basketball game has to be one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. Hearing my friends cheer for me in the audience felt really good,” Floyd said. 

 Junior Da’mya Garner-Wiliams, is also on the Step Team and experienced her first performance with the group. 

 “At first we were kind of nervous, but then when we finished we were very happy,” Garner-Williams said. 

Floyd first heard of the Step Team in seventh grade through social media. 

Unfortunately, it was a disappointment for Floyd when the team did not carry on at that time.When Floyd heard that a Step Team was starting here at GlenOak she was eager to join.  

 “I did step team back in 7th grade but it was unorganized and never continued for a second year. I was excited to do it again since it’s been 4 years,” Floyd said.

 For Garner-Williams, she found out about the team through social media. She and her teachers decided it would be a great place for her to join. 

“Mrs.Newkirk who started the team told me I would be a good fit and I should join the team,” Garner-Williams said.

  Sophomore, Malcolm Morgan joined the club for a way to mix dancing, school, and an opportunity to perform. It gives him opportunities to lead a team.

“I saw it as an enriching experience to do what I love and express myself in a different light. This step team also allowed for me to be able to choreograph,” Morgan said.

Morgan gets to co-choreograph with Mj Morgan and Satorie Haley. 

“Yes we have an adult supervisor, but this team is completely run and operated by students which I love so much,” Morgan said. 

The club has found a way to bring together many talented dancers from the school. 

“I’ve made a couple new friends and built closer friendships with people in the step team. It’s nice to be able to see them in the hallway and say hi now that I know them,” Floyd said.

Garner-Williams has also connected with more people and grew very close to her teammates.
“Everybody on the team I started off not knowing, but now we are super close,” Garner-Williams said.

Even though the team varies in grade levels that is not stopping them from forming strong relationships as teammates. 

“On the team there are at least two people from each grade level but that means nothing to us. I could tell you something special about each person because of how amazing each person is,” Morgan said. 

Being in a step team takes practice to master the routine and skills. The GlenOak Step Team practices every Tuesday and Wednesday for about one hour. The team is working hard for their next upcoming performance for another girls halftime show.  

At the beginning of practice the Step Team has a group circle where they share daily affirmations. This creates a more welcoming space.

“I absolutely love the affirmations because they get everyone hyped up and we even do them before performances to have confidence and they really do work,” Morgan said.

Garner-Williams explained that her and her teammates can learn the moves easily and practices are never stressful.

“As of now, we haven’t performed outside of school but it would be really nice to have an opportunity to do something like that,” Floyd said.

Both Floyd and Garner-Wiliams had family and friends in the audience who loved seeing the step team perform for the halftime show. 

The team hopes that they become more out there and known in the GlenOak community. 

 “I want us to get to the point where everyone knows it’s the Step Team, and looking forward to the performance,” Garner-Williams said.

They also want people to know that the Step Team is a loving environment. It may seem intimidating at first but it is a fun group, who are ready to perform for the school.

“I think that some people are afraid of joining the team because they don’t think they are capable or they don’t think that they will fit in,” Morgan said.

The Step Team will continue to make appearances at games but they hope to soon travel outside of the school to perform. They encourage more people to join the team in hopes to have a growing team, sharing with the community. If you are interested in joining, contact a student on the team or the two supervisors, Mrs.Newkirk or Mrs.Grant. 

I saw it as an enriching experience to do what I love and express myself in a different light,

— Malcolm Morgan