If you can’t trust your barber, who can you trust?


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You walk into a barbershop with a lot of trust in your barber and know that they are going to make you look great. Only to walk out flustered because they completely botched it. 

There is a saying that has been around for a while now, “If you can’t trust your barber, who can you trust?” well what if they mess up my hair? 

Now yes I got a haircut and it was needed, but what I got was definitely not needed. All I asked was for my ends to be cut off and I got an inch and a half off of my head. Now I will admit I was not paying attention to the mirror in front of me to see how much he was cutting off because I was distracted by the conversations we were having.

He distracted me with the oldest trick in the barber handbook: keep a conversation with a client while you are cutting their hair. Now this conversation ranged from all different types of topics, all the way from school to sports. When I looked up most of my hair was gone.

Now when you go to a barbershop, usually everyone in there is all talking at the same time. But as soon as I looked up, I knew it was bad when the barbershop went silent. I look around and saw people making awkward faces and did not think much about it until I looked at the mirror in front of me.

Obviously I was upset, but I could not really show it because I did not want to make a scene and I needed him to finish the cut. I could not just flip out and leave the shop with half a haircut. So then once he was done, I had to pay him of course even though I did not think he necassilary deserved it. 

Ok so I should have said I did not like it, but the thing about getting your haircut is you have to try and be professional. Even when you’re not satisfied with the final product, professionalism is still needed.

By the way, getting a haircut is honestly expensive, the average cost in Ohio is $16, I had to pay $20 for a haircut that I did not ask for, and to add on to it, do you know that awkward moment where they ask you if you like it, and you absolutely despise it. So you have to put on a fake smile or grin and say it looks good while on the inside you are dying.

Another awkward moment is when you have to take that walk to the register and give them the money. That walk down the little aisle while you feel like you look horrible is probably one of the worst things to experience.

In all of my 16 years of life I have encountered a lot of bad haircuts, but I think it is becoming a more frequent thing now that I am getting older. It is getting to the point where I do not want to go get my haircut anymore because my trust is broken time and time again.

I think this is happening more and more now because as I am getting older, I want my hair a certain way which is kind of making me picky about it.

I used to say I loved going to get my haircut and going somewhere the next day to kind of show it off, but now, man I feel like going out in public is not a good idea. My confidence immediately drops when they finally show me the final product in the mirror. 

Confidence is such a major factor to some people and when they themself have no confidence because of the cut, it gets kind of depressing.

Then the immediate reactions from other people are, “Oh it will grow back,” or “It’s going to come back faster than you think,” but the person themself do not feel that way. They are more worried about going to school the next day and different ways they could try to pull the haircut off.

Most of the time this feeling is just us being paranoid and worried about what others will think the next day and what their comments will be. Sometimes this feeling can get the best of us and it can cause us to freak out when in reality, it does not look that bad.

Now after a month since getting my haircut, I finally figured out how to style it the way I used to and it is longer now which makes it easier. Still going strong since the devastating haircut.