Liam Boyce (Joseph’s Brothers/Chorus)

Why did you want to join the musical? “Mr. Kieffer thought it would be a good fit for me, so that kind of compelled me to join, and I do enjoy it.” 

Why is the musical important to you? “I’m there every single day for two or three hours, and spending time with the people I hang out with a lot. It is important to me because I’ve put in a lot of work already.” 

What role do you play? “I’m the brother [Of Joseph] Dan.”

Why is being in the musical enjoyable to you? “I think it’s enjoyable because you get to learn good songs first of all, and you also get to hang out with people who you already hang out with on a daily basis.” What would you tell anyone about joining a musical in the future? “It is definitely a good experience but make sure you have a clear schedule, because I work on the weekends. So, that gets to be a lot at a point. You want to make sure you’re not working too much because it takes till 5 or 6 everyday.”

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