May Show Preview


Featured is a picture of the promotional flyer for May Show 2023: Night at the Museum.

The exhibits of the Natural History Museum have come to life in the 2023 May Show: Night At The Museum. With special appearances by cowboys and gladiators, exotic birds, penguins, and even a T-rex, this year’s May Show is full of fun and exciting songs. 

Based on the 2011 movie, Night At The Museum starring Ben Stiller, May Show has taken the story and added some new characters. Tracy Melbourne, played by sophomore Quinn Fogerty, is a security guard sent to the Museum of Natural History to investigate the “strange happenings” that have been taking place. 

The museum’s tour guide and founder’s daughter Shannon Shrekenbrood, played by senior Lindsey Yocum, is forced to work with Tracy as they try to find a way to repair the tablets of Ahkmenrah. 

The curator of the museum, Vladimir Kresnekoff who is played by senior Liam Boyce, is behind the problems being caused by the museum exhibits. A band of characters are sent out into the public to cause mayhem, tainting the name of the museum and putting it at risk of closure. 

This May Show, each choir is represented by a different exhibit. In order; Chorale as varied museum characters both for the opener and closer, Concert Choir and Treble Chorus in the Western Exhibit, Men’s Chorus as Gladiators, Freshman Mixed as the Prehistoric Exhibit, Chorale in the Egyptian Exhibit, Women’s Chorus as the Birds of Paradise (with a special guest appearance of Men’s Chorus as Penguins.) And finally Drifters and Notables in their One World Exhibit. 

More than just their live performance, May Show is accompanied by a number of videos that add to the story. The videos were shot around the Stark County area and feature businesses and museums that are familiar to those who live in the county. 

“It’s going to be very colorful, fun and upbeat,” senior and student diretor Maggie Mutchler said. “It has a little something for everyone.” 

May Show is coming up fast, and tickets are on sale. May Show will be May 18-20 at 7 p.m. each night. The 20th will have a special senior showcase at 11 a.m., allowing a select group of senior choir members to perform a song before their last performance of their high school career.