Graduation moved from Sunday to Tuesday

By Carolyn Matthews — For the first time since most can remember, the class of 2014 will no longer graduate on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. Instead, graduation has been moved to a Tuesday, May 28.

“The Academic Recognition Committee decided to make this change last year in order to improve our graduation ceremony,” principal Tamiko Hatcher said.

The committee’s decision has resulted in concern amongst many Plain Local residents and senior students. Many opinions have been expressed by residents who are questioning whether having this year’s graduation ceremony on a Tuesday night is a benefit, or a drawback on family celebrations .

“It’s nice when graduation is on a Sunday,” senior Hannah Robinett said. “Everyone is able to come and celebrate, but some people have parents who work late on weeknights.”

Other students have complained family members such as aunts and uncles and grandparents will not be able to attend the ceremony because they are out of town.

Hatcher said the Recognition Committee, along with many administrators, feel a Tuesday night ceremony will not hinder family celebrations but enhance the celebratory atmosphere.

A Tuesday night will provide families with more time to take pictures prior to and post graduation. Families will no longer be rushed out due to other bookings that often occur over a busy Memorial day weekend.

GlenOak is the only booking for the venue that night. When the graduation is on a Sunday multiple schools graduate giving staff little time to prepare.

An issue that has been presented during the last few years of graduation ceremonies is lack of teacher participation. Members of the Academic Recognition Committee hope that this change of moving graduation to a weekday night will result in a solution to this situation, by increasing staff participation and attendance.

“GlenOak High School is always looking for ways to improve,” Hatcher said.

The Committee continues to strive towards excellence in every aspect of Plain Local Schools. The 2014 graduation ceremony will act as an experiment to decide whether a change in date from a Sunday to a Tuesday night will have a positive or negative result, on the enhancement of GlenOak High School graduation ceremonies.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]