New key club adviser named

By Mykenzie Watson and Caitlyn Watson — Key club is a great way to go around and do work for your community, and have fun doing it.

The club is mainly where students take up the responsibility to go out and serve others around them. They clean up the community, organize food drives and collect clothing. It is a hands-on club where students learn and grow into responsible and helpful young adults.

Brian Kieffer, the choir director, has taken the key club adviser spot for the school. The club has been needing an adviser since the beginning of the year, so Kieffer decided to apply for the spot. As adviser, Kieffer will support the students and consider their ideas for upcoming events and new things happening within the club.

“I have really enjoyed getting to meet the student officers. They all seem like wonderful students and really quality people. They are all very articulate, organized and considerate young ladies; great leaders,” Kieffer said.

Key club president is Katie Allensworth. Her job as president is to monitor the progress of the cub, attend committee meetings, be an encourager and responsible leader, and carry out the duties as a mature young adult.

“I love being Key Club president because I love to meet all the new key clubbers. I enjoy getting to do community service with everyone,” Allensworth said.

She spoke about Kieffer as the new adviser.

“It is great to have a new adviser. Mr. Kieffer is awesome and I am glad he is the new adviser,” Allensworth said. “I think Mr. Kieffer will provide much needed stability to Key Club for years to come, which will be a big change from previous years. I do not think Key Club will look that much different from previous years though.”

She didn’t plan on running for Club president this year, but last year’s officers told her she would be good at it.

“I do not regret running at all,” Allensworth said.

Kieffer plans on helping the students involved in this club with all of their goals and ideas.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]