How students are staying in touch

Conclusion of a game. Eagle Photo courtesy of Mia Russo.

With everyone social-distancing, it’s been a struggle to stay in touch with friends. After searching with friends, students found ways to stay in touch with each other. They have been using Google Meets, Zoom calls, Xbox and many more sites to connect with each other in these difficult times. 

Many students have been a part of Google Meets and Zoom calls to help talk to groups of people they would usually gather with. These platforms make it able to join a call and see everyone else who joined too. While it may just be on a screen, it makes it feel like everyone is all together. The platform also has the ability to share someone’s screen and present to everyone in the call which makes social-distancing a bit easier. 

“Even though we can’t see each other, I have still been able to have fun with my friends from church and school by attending my youth group on Zoom.” senior Marah Weimer said.

Weimer’s youth group met every Wednesday during April for a short lesson. After the lesson they showcase the submissions for the weekly challenges and announce the winners. This shows that groups that would usually gather can still connect with each other through these platforms. 

Another way students have been connecting with each other is through gaming. Many students get together in a voice chat while they play together. They usually play together on Xbox and play games like Call of Duty, Minecraft, StarWars Battlefront II and many others. 

“Playing video games with friends is a great way to stay in touch,” freshman Zach Gemma said. “Since we have all been staying at home nothing new has happened, but when we play video games we have something new to talk about. It also gives us something else to do other than talking the whole time.”

Another way students stay connected is through finding apps and websites that are multiplayer. An example of one of these is It lets players make a room and then share out a link to their friends so they can join. Then they can all play together and still be social-distancing. 

“I have still been able to have fun with friends by playing online games like or pigeon games.” Weimer said.” I also have been talking to people through group FaceTimes as well as using Snapchat, texting, etc. to stay in touch.”

With these things and many more students have had the ability to stay in touch with each other in many ways. While it may not be the same as being face to face it makes social distancing easier.