Madison Reemsnyder takes over at State

Madison Reemsynder shakes hands with a state official after receiving an award for her performance at state.

Many people dream of making it to state at least once in their lives. The high-stakes atmosphere, tense competition and harsh spotlight draws people in like moths to a flame, ruthlessly competing for the highest titles in the state.

Knowing this, senior golfer Madison Reemsnyder’s road to states has been unconventional. Reemsnyder has made it to states not once, not twice, but three times in her high school career.

State is both nerve-racking and exciting,” Reemsnyder said. “During the summer I play in numerous competitive events. State has the same environment so it’s less intimidating to me which relieves stress.”

State is both nerve-racking and exciting. During the summer I play in numerous competitive events. State has the same environment so it’s less intimidating to me which relieves stress.

— Madison Reemsnyder

Despite the tough conditions and competition, Reemsnyder was able to snag 5th place at the competition. 

I feel good about my performance at state,” Reemsnyder said. “The weather was chilly and conditions were decently difficult, so I am proud of myself looking back at the two days on the course.”

Competitions were not the only challenging part of her extensive career. The GlenOak golf program itself has undergone massive changes over the past four years.

“My freshman year I played along my cousin, Jessica Hahn, and other upper class men [and during] my sophomore year, a new coach was hired, so our team had to build a relationship with him,” Reemsynder said. “My junior year was definitely different because of COVID-19.”

With this end to her high school career, Reemsynder leaves behind a team of seven sophomores and two freshmen. 

“Although the girls were young, we had a great time and I was able to be a role model they could look up to,” Reemsynder said. “My senior year was one to remember. I loved the time I had with the girls my last year.”

This end of an era has been bittersweet to Reemsynder, who had important figures following her for years. 

“My lifetime coach [Cheryl Watt] has been with me from the start of my career and I owe all of my success to her. I would also like to shout out my grandma, Judy Hahn, who has never missed a tournament of mine and has been one of my biggest supporters my whole life.”

Madison Reemsnyder will continue her golf career at Xavier University, a Division I school. She will attend on a full-ride scholarship.

Reemsnyder encourages those around her to “never give up” in times of hardship. Who knows? If you never give up, you might get a hole-in-one.