Huddle up! Football recap


Gianna Cavalier

During the first home football game of the season, junior Avantae Burt runs back to his team on the sidelines after a play. “My favorite part of the season is the Federal League game because it’s more intense,” Burt said.

It’s Friday night, you’re cold, and the team has just scored a touchdown. You can hear your cheering as you all standing up. You watch the game, standing on edge. The end of the fourth quarter comes around and sadly, we lose the game.

This year, our football team went four and six. A regular season record, but still a great season for our team. Out on the field, the team showed that over the summer, they trained and practiced harder than they have before.

“We were much better in the weight room and summer practice this past year. The weight room not only makes a difference on the field with strength and speed, but it also helps limit and prevent injuries,” coach Scott Garcia said.

Garcia and Captain Noah Williams both agree that this year was a better season for each player.

“This season our team was much closer as friends,” Williams said. “In seasons prior, everybody played for themselves and it caused issues on the field.”

This year the team had a better overall practice record and season record than any other year. Teammates showed up and showed out. Williams describes it as one of the issues that they fixed over the summer during practices. 

“In season prior everybody played for themselves and it cause issues on the field. This season our team bond is not one of the issues that we faced,” Williams said.

Coach Garcia also sees the work that was put in by the team. He and the other coaches have developed a philosophy that puts the players first, formations second, and plays third. It allows them to adapt to the offensive and defensive talents and abilities of their players.

The coaches meet up with college and professional coaches to make sure that they are doing everything in their power to make their players the best they can possibly be.

“This past year, we spent time with Ohio State, University of Pittsburgh, Kent State, the Cleveland Browns, and the Cincinnati Bengals coaches,” Garcia said.

Not only do the players put in the effort out on the field, but the coaches put in effort off the field, and offseason to make sure our team can succeed.

Next season, the team will put in more effort and work even harder than this season. Next season you’ll hopefully be able to catch a game or two and see how well they do.