Teachers form rivalry during World Cup finals


Photo Courtesy of Silvia Molina

Teacher Julie Filliez and Silvia Molina pose in front of Filliez’s door that Molina had decorated with a Messi poster. The teachers rooted for the opposite teams during the World Cup and formed a friendly rivalry.

A lot of the students and faculty at GlenOak were watching the World Cup, but with Argentina and France competing in the World Cup Final, two teachers were especially excited to see who would win.

Spanish teacher Silvia Molina and French teacher Julie Filliez both have classrooms in the lower C-wing and found themselves in a friendly competition throughout the World Cup. With Molina having lived in Argentina for years, and Fillez teaching French and visiting France a multitude of times, they were obviously rooting for their respective teams in the final. 

“As it progressed and Argentina kept moving on and France kept moving on, I said to Señora Molina, it has to be France and Argentina in the final, it has to, that’ll be so cool,” Filliez said.

With these two teams both competing in the World Cup Final, an international clash came to be. They both did some tricks to mess with the other person.

“It was a friendly rivalry, I’ll tell you, she came and vandalized my bracket, I fixed it and erased it, but she came in and she wrote something next to France, in French, of course, and it totally ruined my bracket,” Molina said.

However, this wasn’t the only time that one of them vandalized the other’s classroom in the heat of the World Cup.

“And once it kept getting farther, we had a lot of fun, like Friday, Molina came in and was trying to put the poster of Messi up in my room and she was kind of messing with me, it was all in good fun,” Filliez said 

Both of these teachers had a great time rooting for their teams and there were no hard feelings after Argentina emerged victorious in a game to remember.

“(Madam Filliez) was very gracious after the game and she sent me an email and she said that she was happy that Argentina won, so it’s been all good, it’s all been a friendly rivalry with her,” Molina said.