Plain Local achieves Excellent with Distinction again

By Rachel McNew — Plain Local has received the highest rating given by the state of Ohio Department of Education for the second year in a row. This rating is called Excellent with Distinction.

“Being Excellent with Distinction shows our community that we have reached the highest academic standard set by the Ohio Department of Education. We know there are many changes coming in education, but this is the current standard and we are the highest,” Superintendent Brent May said.

There are 26 indicators needed to be met to become Excellent with Distinction and the district hit all 26 of those indicators. Also for the first time all nine of the dsitrcit’s buildings were rated Excellent or Excellent with Distinction.

One factor that indicates if this rating is given is that every building has to be given a rating of an “at” or “above.” This means each school building in Plain Local has to meet the criteria to receive either one of those ratings.

Many actions have been taken to receive this rating educationally. One of the actions is giving the students the option of Honors courses and A.P. courses.

“We push students to take Honors courses and A.P. courses to help them stay challenged,” principal Tamiko Hatcher said.

The courses provide a rigor that helps prepare students for the ultimate goal to compete in college.

“Students have met the challenges and continue to achieve at high levels. It is amazing to see how busy our students are and they will strive to achieve the best,” May said.

Test scores from every school building are looked at and a certain number of students need to pass to indicate if it is enough to become “Excellent with Distinction.”

“We will continue to keep our focus on achievement and learning. As a district, we will continue to stay current with research and best practices so our students receive the best education possible,” May said.

Plain Local was one of three districts to receive this rating in Stark County. Jackson and Lake were the two other districts

Having this rating attracts families looking for a place to live that will provide exceptional education.

“The better your school system, the more families will want to raise their family in that district,” May said.

This supports Plain Local’s vision to be every family’s first choice in education.

Ultimately, this rating reflects the district’s hard work and efforts toward education.

“This rating shows that the money and resources being used for educational purposes is not being wasted, and is helping to get the job done,” Hatcher said.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]