News staff


Angela Spano

News staff editors picture

Zachary Gemma, Opinion Editor

     Producing newspapers and the news website, that’s the primary goal of newstaff’s members, but they also have many other goals.

     News staff writes various kinds of stories namely opinion, entertainment, sports, features and news. Members also take pictures and produce a podcast. 

     Opinion stories can vary in a wide range, from the funniest of satires to more serious issues revolving around the school or even the whole world. 

     Opinion stories are based on the opinion of the writer hense the name, most opinion stories do not rely on interviews instead take the passion of the writer to tell the story.

     “Opinion stories are important because of how they allow students to write about issues they feel are important, and allow them to get their own unique perspective out in the newspaper,” opinion editor Zachary Gemma said

     Entertainment stories revolve around music, movies, plays, really anything that is supposed to entertain. 

     Entertainment is either to excite people or report on their excitement about certain events. 

     “Entertainment stories are fun to write and allow us to spread the word about activities or media we are passionate about” Entertainment editor Roman Shaheen said.

     Sports stories are all our stories on GlenOak sports, and interviewing those who participate in them. 

     “Without news staff, GlenOak sports would go largely unrecognized and the student body would have no idea what is happening in other sports. We try to cover not just the  large sports stories, but really get into detail about individual players, specific issues, and games that would go uncovered otherwise,” sports editor Caris Lantz said. 

     Feature stories are our spotlight stories in which members present one person or topic that the staff feels deserves to be featured so to speak. 

     Feature stories are normally about teachers and go off of interviews with students who think highly of them. 

      “Without feature stories, lots of the little things that go on throughout the school would often go unnoticed,” feature editor Mikayla Hairston said. “Whether it be an in-depth about a teacher or the introduction of a new club in the school, features help give the readers a better understanding of what make up not only our school, but also our community”

      Finally, news stories are about current events at GlenOak. With no real angle being aimed for the news stories, the sole purpose is to inform the people of GlenOak about things going on within the district or around the world. 

      “Connecting local events with worldwide topics is an important thing for students here at GlenOak to be informed about. Whether it’s a worldwide pandemic, or local house bills; I personally love writing news stories, and encourage everyone to be informed about aspects of your life like that,” Senior Sophia Perticarini said. 

      Along with writing the stories for the paper there’s also many online aspects such as formatting stories they can go into the paper, running the websites or one of our many social media outlets.

      “I run The Eagle’s Instagram account @theeaglegohs. Our goal is to inform the GlenOak community about what’s going on in the community. We heavily promote our sports programs, but are in the process of branching out” Instagram operator Greg Giavasis said.

      Last but not least GlenOaks very own podcast, the Squawk. Each student contributes their fair share of interviews to be published to the podcast so GlenOak can hear their published news. 

      “Interviewing helps to develop people skills that can be used in the future. These skills can be used in job interviews and forming professional relationships.” Podcast Editor Lauren Neiaport said.

      Overall newstaff is a very fun class and there are many opportunities to spread your wings when you’re a part of the Eagle.