The Batman: Finally a true realistic take on the character

Zach Brown, Staff Writer

At one point or another, every person is scared of the dark. The possibility of something being with you without knowing is terrifying to people of all ages.The newest movie about the caped crusader utilizes it to its full potential, creating one of the best (and darkest) Batman interpretations ever put on the big screen.

 This is a spoiler-free review for this extravagant and mastery in filmmaking, The Batman.

The Batman was officially released globally on March 4. This movie is rated PG-13 but has the tone and feel of a gritty R-rated film, and with one or two edits and it very well could be. 

This particular motion picture follows a young Batman, only in his second year under the mask. He is played by the underrated, and often overlooked, Robert Pattinson, known previously for roles in the Twilight movies, a supporting character in Harry Potter, as well as several smaller indie movies. 

His portrayal of Bruce Wayne and Batman is darker and gloomier than we have ever seen before in any live-action Batman film. That feeling adds a whole new fresh element to the character. This allows him to feel more grounded and true to the character, he is what Batman would be like if he was alive and patrolling the dark nights in Gotham.

This film shows Gotham City like we have never seen before. It shows the lowlife criminals and the fear that comes in every dark alley or crevice. A single sound or footstep in the distance sets your teeth on edge. The first real Batman movie where criminals truly feel terrified of what could happen to them if they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. It shows these dark metros, abandoned buildings, and overcrowded streets and venues to really ingrain the dim spirit of the city, a city in fear of the night, a city terrified of itself, a city that needs hope.

The cast as a whole in this film is phenomenal. Perfect casting all around from Andy Sercus as Alfred, Jeffery Wright as Commissioner Gordon, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, all stand out remarkably in their respective roles, not to mention the main standouts of the movie, the villains.

 Colin Farrel plays the Penguin, and he is absolutely unrecognizable in the amazingly put together makeup and practical effects. He does great with the character as a whole, he gives the perfect effect of a mobster on the rise to gain more power and influence over the crippling city of Gotham.

 Paul Dano’s portrayal of The Riddler is both creepy, horrifying and absolutely brilliant. Every time he is seen on film he gives chills down your spine. He steals every scene he is in, especially the opening minutes. Truly a magnificent performance of the previously laughed at and goofed on Riddler character. This version makes him more of a Zodiac killer as opposed to the silly guy in a skin-tight green suit shooting out cheesy jokes and one-liners. 

           The Riddler is the primary antagonist in the film. We follow Batman and the police investigation into his various murders throughout. The Riddler provides clues, hints and yes, riddles for the authorities to try and catch him; they expose the corruption and hypocrisy in the city during the process, leaving you guessing what his next elaborate trap or scheme will be. His portrayal is more closely related to Jigsaw than the famous Batman villain. 

           This Batman movie sheds much more light on the detective side of the Batman character. This ‘wild goose chase’ for lack of better words, allows Batman and the GCPD(Gotham City Police Department) to uncover the huge levels of corruption not only in the city’s government but the police department itself. Exposing high-level government officials for what they really are is the basis behind the Riddler’s character, and this film does a great job at showing why and how this flawed man became this monster in a sense.

            The movie knows what it wants to do and does it excellently. You can tell how much effort and care is taken into each individual scene and shot. Plus the sound design and music score, the sounds and music really help give off the horror and mystery element to the film. 

This movie is not an action movie. That is one of the main differences between this movie and the rest of the Batman installments we have seen a thousand times before. This movie is a dark drama that just happens to have some amazing fighting and action scenes placed carefully and perfectly throughout the motion picture. This was a much-needed refresh. 

This new Batman movie is almost a horror/thriller movie. The camera lighting and cinematography are excellent and create this dark and gloomy atmosphere that gives it this newer, darker, better effect of what Batman should be. It does not scare away from showing the dirty mess and dumpster fire of a city Gotham has always meant to be. We see dark corners and dim-lit alleyways and it always gives a shiver down your spine.

            One of the best parts of this fantastic movie is how characters are utilized. The Riddler does not completely take over every moment. He is not the sole problem of the movie. Robert Pattinson’s Batman has to deal with the things brought to light by the Riddler, not just the villain himself like in previous Batman movies. This lets the world feel more real, changing it from past films where mythic and unrealistic elements are used. 

This film is a portrayal of what Batman would look like and be if he was inserted into our world. We see this through the DIY elements to his suit, gadgets, car, and his skills. He is not perfect physically and sure is not all there mentally The movie really points this out and creates the character to be more grounded and relatable than ever.

As a whole, this new dark and gritty take on Batman is exactly what the fans have been asking for. This story provides a true Batman story that shows not only the intelligent masked vigilante but the world’s greatest detective in the making. 

This grounded portrayal of the caped crusader is done to near perfection. It provides a perfect cast with extraordinary acting skills out on display for all moviegoers to see, excellent action sequences, near-perfect sound and music design, and an edge-of-your-seat buildup. I highly recommend The Batman movie.

 This is not just a comic book film, but a true down-to-earth drama about the fall of a city and the true meaning of vengeance, suited for any moviegoer who just wants to see a great major motion picture.




(And yes, it was better than Spider-Man No Way Home, and by quite some distance if I may add)