News staff and yearbook win awards at OSMA


News staff and yearbook members pose for a picture by the black squirrel at KSU after the OSMA banquet.

Seven superiors, 10 excellents, 20 honorable mentions, a first-place ranking website, a first-place ranking yearbook, and a second-place ranking news magazine for the 2021-22 school year. All accomplished by the yearbook and news staff. 

          On April 22, both the yearbook and news staff went to Kent State University for the day. Both staffs’ attended a variety of workshop classes throughout the first half of the day to improve their skills and later on attended the dinner and awards ceremony.

“It was nice to get to go back to Kent State and see everybody and have an in-person workshop,” adviser Angela Spano said. “There is something to say about being face-to-face and interacting with people face-to-face and I’m glad the students at GlenOak got to do that this year.”

         This year the staff had quite a few superior ratings for stories. The staff with superior ratings this year consisted of Grace Flock(2), Donovan Votypka, Zachary Gemma, Greg Giavasis, Ace Tyler and Gabby Buckley. 

        Next up is the excellent rated stories. The staff with this rating consisted of Rachel Gortney, Sean Saunders, Leon McArdle(2), Greg Giavasis, Roman Shaheen, Donovan Votypka, Bowie Honeycutt, Jenna Dressler and the news staff for a newsmagazine package. 

        Then there’s the honorable mentions. The staff with this rating was Lucy Howell(2), Rachel Gortney(2), Meredith Conrad, Sophia Codispoti, Jamie Cain(2), Carsen Snyder, Ella Harris, Jayden Taulbee, Gabby Buckley(3), Greg Giavasis, Lydia Ayers, Caris Lantz, Sophia Hennessy, Donovan Votypka, Katie Espiorite, Adrian Pifer, Emily Zaksek(2) and Omar Ford.

While The Eagle did decent in awards this year, there is much to improve on in the upcoming year. 

“We need to build on what we did last year. We need to work on Indesign, unifying, and telling the story of all the student body while also getting more involved on the web as well,” Spano said. 

One aspect that did well this year was the website as it won a first place rating. 

“I am really proud that the website won first place and the comments on the website were stellar and I’m really proud of that,” Spano said. 

The Eagle is already preparing for next year in hopes to gain more awards and overall to improve for the student body.