Night of dancing and fun


Margaret Dolph

GlenOak group: (Top Row) Katerina Gilbert, Ava Rocco & Elaina Norris (Bottom Row) Marianthi Halkias & Ariana Tsenekos

This was a night full of dancing and fun for the people who attended the Daughters of Penelope Debutante ball. 

What is a Debutante Ball? In the Greek Orthodox tradition, girls graduating from Greek Descent are invited to attend this ball. It’s a celebration for these women growing and moving onto the next phase of their lives. 

Elaina Norris is one of the girls who attended the ball. 

“We are presented by an escort and we wear a white gown at my church and then dance and socialize for the rest of the night,” Norris said

This ball has been in Norris’s family and church her entire life. 

There are a few requirements you must meet to go to this ball, you must be a graduating girl, of Greek descent and from Stark county. 

“If you are eligible to be in it, then I would recommend it; it’s a really fun night for friends, family and yourself,” Norris said. 

Even though each person needs an escort, the escort does not need to be of Greek descent and they can still enjoy the night. 

“I loved experiencing  this night with them and we had such a blast. I also loved that my escort got to be a part of it too, even though he wasn’t Greek. It was fun to get all dressed up and have a special night,” Norris said.

Another debutante from the school is Katerina Gilbert. She is also a graduating senior of Greek descent. 

“My mom was actually in the debutante ball so rightfully so that means I would be in it as well,”  Gilbert said.

The attire for the ball is very formal. The debutants are usually dressed in a white, cream or ivory ball gown. Escorts are typically dressed in black tuxedos than everyone else that attends are dressed in formal wear. 

“I would tell someone who is interested in going to just be ready for a night of fun,” Gilbert said 

Gilbert and Norris both say that they had a good time. Although Norris says her least favorite part was dancing in an ankle length dress because she kept tripping over it all night. 

The Daughters of Penelope Debutante Ball was on April 30 this year.