Dive into Diversity: GlenOak hosts diversity night tonight


Ashlynn Provance

Battle of the brush photos from the last diversity night.

GlenOak annually hosts an event known as “Diversity Night,” which aims to bring attention to all of the different electives the school has to offer. Between the years 2021 and 2022, Diversity Night didn’t happen due to restrictions with COVID-19. But this year, it’s back. 

Jill Balderson teaches a multitude of art levels at GlenOak and is heavily involved with the event. In fact, she has been involved since it started.  

“It originally started as a ‘Spotlight on the Arts’ night to advertise to our community all the amazing and incredibly talented students we have in this district,” Balderson said. “Then, it evolved into more of a Diversity celebration with the Arts showcasing our talents.” 

Balderson is in charge of something known as Battle of the Brush, a painting competition that is exclusive to Diversity Night. 

“Battle of the Brush was first offered as a fun art competition for area high schools. It was held at Timken High School and sponsored by local vendors,” Balderson said. “After we started our own Celebration of the Arts and Culture, we [Plain Local] decided to do our own Battle of the Brush.” 

Another art that is involved with the event is ceramics, hosted by Lauren Dickney and GlenOak’s Sources of Strength. 

“Students are going to be writing their strengths for the community on strips and then add those strips to the larger weaving,” Dickney said. 

Other GlenOak programs participting are choir, strings, the step team, the dazzling dancers, ASL, drama, strings, guitar ensemble, music production, theatre technologies, OMUN, cosmetology and IB.

Though all of  GlenOak’s programs can seem quite intimidating, it is what makes the school so unique. 

Our Diversity Night celebration always reminds me to stop and appreciate all that we have and offer as a district,” Balderson said. “No matter how stressed or busy I am, I am grateful that the place I call home [GlenOak] values and respects each individual. It’s for this reason I am a proud Eagle.”

Diversity Night has a large impact on students all throughout the Plain Local district as it showcases many opportunities.

Olivia Ramsey is a junior at GlenOak and is involved in the Light and Sound Productions. 

“Students can’t be restricted to the requirements of math, science, english, and history,” Ramsey said. “Students have passions, they need to figure themselves out, and high school is the prime time to do that.” 

GlenOak houses a very diverse operation. With a variety of arts and extracurriculars, Diversity Night helps bring the community together to celebrate what the district has to offer and the diversity of its student body.