Honest conversation hearts in time for Valentine’s Day


Ashlynn Provance, Staff Writer

Valentines Day, the Hallmark Holiday that makes every teenager squeal with dread, excitement, or both! There are many traditions associated with this day of love, one being Conversation Hearts. These heart-shaped sugar candies that have been around since 1866, establishing quite the legacy. What makes these arguably tasteless candies so iconic are the cheesy phrases stamped in bright red on each individual heart. But, what if those phrases were honest?

They are together…right?” This is a question that students often ask themselves when they see a couple that they could have sworn were dating. If that is the case, then why do they not acknowledge each other? I mean, the lack of PDA is appreciated, but the “perfect pair” does not even look at their “other half.” Truth is, they are dating, but they do not want anyone to know. Not because they want to keep it a secret, but because they genuinely do not want to associate with the other person during school hours. Sometimes those seven hours are just a little too much.


High school relationships will either end in breakups or marriage, there is no other option. Needless to say, GlenOak students can not even commit to showing up on time, let alone a relationship. The adolescent “I love you’s” turn into “I hope I never see them again” in a matter of two weeks. If this statement were added to a batch of honest Conversation Hearts, there would be a lot less heartache. 



Words cannot begin to describe the disappointment one person feels when they realize the person they like is not who they seem to be, and that is because the version they know does not exist. You may have thought this person was extremely funny, when in reality, people only laugh at them due to the absurdly ridiculous things they say. Does their quietness and mysteriousness intrigue you? Well, just wait until they start talking. (You are going to wish they stayed mysterious.) Sometimes, it is better to just abandon ship once you realize that the person you have feelings for is the complete opposite of what you imagined. Feel free to hang on, but just remember there is no point in sinking in a row boat just because you think it is a yacht.


At GlenOak, all students share the experience of learning new concepts. Some classes teach you business strategies, while others teach you how to find algebraic solutions by using the quadratic formula. With that being said, no class can teach you how to reject someone in the nicest way possible. It seems like no matter what route you take, you will always end up being the “bad guy” in the situation. So, if it were put on a flavorless, chalky Conversation Heart, it would make the task just a bit less grueling.