Anna Kloots steps back into GlenOak


Angela Spano

Anna Kloots poses with a sign made for her by French classes.

Alumnae Anna Kloots spoke with students on Monday about her life living in Paris and her journey on becoming a writer. She had always dreamed of being a Disney Princess, and now became a New York Times Bestselling Author, content creator, and business owner. 

Kloots graduated from GlenOak in 2009, and immediately began her journey on to New York City attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. During this time, she spent a semester in Paris when she was 19 years old. 

“You can’t live in Paris like you do in New York. New York is so convenient and Paris is honestly the complete opposite. It’s a hard switch,” Kloots said.

Kloots went to Paris with little understanding of the French language, only having her high school French classes as background of the country.

The Bestselling Author found her love for France while sitting in Madame Feliz’s classroom throughout her time in high school. She became instantly infatuated with the country and made it her goal to move there one day. 

“Madame [Feliz] did not teach French, she taught France. We learned so much about the culture and more. She made me find my passion for this place,” Kloots said. 

In her bestselling book, Kloots opens up about her struggles with divorce and her traveling around the world. She has visited 83 countries in her lifetime. 

Kloots is very adamant about following your passions and not giving up, similar to her following her dream. 

Kloots has lived in three different countries, but first fell in love with Paris as she became an Ambassador for We Are Travel Girls. She later went on to become a magician’s assistant and much more. 

“I actually have the craziest resume in the whole world, it’s crazy to think that I can be so many things I didn’t even know I could be, like a magician’s assistant,” Kloots said. 

She met her former husband through the magician’s assistant position, and their divorce is heavily implemented in her book, My Own Magic. 

Anna Klootz is an icon who pursued her dreams and accomplished many things as someone who anyone can look up to. Her stunning persona helped shape the person she is today, and it’s safe to say that she fulfilled her wishes of being like a Disney Princess.